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While we are all confined to our homes due to COVID-19, here is a fun activity:  Every day of the year has some special person or event to be commemorated.  While kids are at home, why not assign each person to research and present information about that person or event.  Ideas for presentation are:  make a dish or food appropriate to the subject and serve it for a family meal.  Make a centerpiece or pictorial representation to view at the table.  The information about the subject should be presented along with the other offerings.  Example:  April 18 was the anniversary of Paul Revere’s midnight ride.  A poem by Longfellow  called  “Paul Revere’s Ride” could be read; since Paul Revere was a silversmith, a silver serving dish could be used, pictures, etc.  This would engage everyone and might be a fun way to learn something new.

Some other dates:

April 26 Confederate Memorial Day; birthday of John James Audubon (1785)

April 27 Death of Ferdinand Magellan (1521), birthday of Samuel Morse (1791);  Birthday of Us Grant (1822), 18th president of US

April 28 Birthday of James Monroe (1758) 5th president of US; Maryland admitted to statehood (1788)

April 29 Birthday of Alexander II Emperor of Russia

April 30 George Washington inaugurated as the first president of the United States; Japanese Festival of the Dolls; Feast of St. Catherine of Siena; Louisiana admitted to statehood (1812).

Look for more dates in May.

This is my own notebook of days:



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