Cooking 1991

Over the years, my mother occasionally wrote poetry…some good and some quite clever.  My father put her poems together and produced a book for her.  I will be posting some of her poems on this blog.  Let me know what you think.

Cooking, 1991 by Isis D. Dean

I think that I shall never see
Cooking as it used to be.
When I could use just lots of butter
And didn’t have to hear a mutter,
“I can’t have any of that at all,
Just think of the cholesterol!
Whatever that is you’re makin’
Remember that I don’t eat bacon.
Decaf coffee for me, please,
And spices always make me sneeze.
Please don’t use any MSG
For I’m allergic as can be.
Don’t put any salt on mine.
I get along without it fine.
It always makes me retain water
And that is why I hadn’t oughter.
I never eat anything that’s sweet.
I don’t think I should have red meat.
Cabbage and beans give me gas.
I think I’ll just have to pass”
What am I going to feed this crowd?
There’s little left that is allowed.
Perhaps the thing for me to do
Is make a LEAN, BLAND chicken stew.


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