About Us

Welcome to the brand-new BeckyHomecky website in the format of a magazine.   Becky is a gal that has lived quite a while and gone through a lot of different eras of cooking.  She always loved cooking since she was a little girl of three and dreamed about her own home, husband and children to cook for as long as she can remember.  She comes from a long line of great cooks whose instruction has been invaluable to her love of cooking and delicious results.  She is interested in this new era of cooking—especially the non-processed, fresh and healthy foods that have become popular—but still loves the old-fashioned homey food of her childhood and even before.  Becky has acquired an enormous collection of cookbooks over the years and uses them to try old and new recipes as often as possible.

Seasonal cooking is very important to Becky and this website will feature an article each month on the history of the month, its celebrations, foods that are at peak availability and tidbits of interest pertaining to the month.  I love celebrations and have gathered information about celebrations for almost every day of the year.

A craft section will include things to make at home for the various seasons and more.  Becky  loves crafts and just wishes she had more time for them.  Needlework will be included in this section—Becky crochets, knits and quilts along with occasional forays into needlepoint, embroidery and rug making.

More areas will be added as they occur to Becky, but the emphasis will be on a website for anyone who loves the homemaking of yesteryear and wishes to make her home a haven for herself and her family.  Comments and ideas are welcome from subscribers.

Our Approach

To inspire the woman who wants to have a career as a Homemaker, by supporting that desire and to value the economic, practical and spiritual aspects of that career.

My Story

I have loved cooking since childhood and most other domestic pursuits–a bed and breakfast was the ideal job for me.

Please follow me and feel free to share this with others.