Lake Pepin Drive

We love the drive around Lake Pepin.  For 19 years, while we owned and operated the Candlelight Inn Bed and Breakfast, whenever we needed to escape from the daily tasks, we headed south along the Mississippi River no matter what season.  Most of us are getting cabin fever and COVID-19 is not helping.  Yesterday we went to Baypoint and we had to stay in our car due to “social distancing.”  The park was so packed one could hardly move.  We ran into an old neighbor and got caught up on all the goings on around the town while talking through an open window but staying 6 feet apart.

Today, the weather is so beautiful, we decided to do a picnic.  Normally I make sandwiches and we take everything in a  cooler. Today we just bought the fixings at our local grocery store and headed south.  Based on the crowds yesterday, we hoped we could find  someplace safe and not too busy.  The traffic was light; nothing like a normal day in May.  We found a picnic area in Stockholm, Wisconsin, and settled on an open table, not too close to other people.

Instead of hundreds of people and traffic jamming the streets of
Stockholm,there were perhaps 20 people and 5 or 6 cars.  It was like the slowest day in the dead of winter.  Very unusual and sad to see everything closed up.  Only the Stockholm Pie Company was open (but that is worth the trip all by itself).




With that said, the drive is so beautiful and right in our own backyard.  Get out and enjoy it while staying safe.

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