Rainy Days and Sheltering in Place

It looks like the proverbial “rainy day” has arrived with the COVID-19 epidemic.  Restaurants are closed, grocery stores are somewhat bare, people are afraid to go out and yet we still need to eat.  And with the boredom of staying away from people, the need for interesting meals is even greater.  I rely on two things–my freezer, already stocked with many prepared foods, and making usually purchased foods from scratch at home.

With a lot of time on your hands, why not make your own flour tortillas, pita bread and English muffins?  For that matter it isn’t really hard (just time-consuming) to make all your breadstuffs from scratch.

If you stocked up on ground beef,  you can make marinara sauce with meat, meatballs, meat loaf and several other casseroles. Ditto chicken.

All of these freeze well for later when you’re back to work and in a hurry again.  Cookies and cookie doughs freeze really well and if you form cookie dough into logs before freezing, you can slice off the number you want to bake.



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